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Some tips of Goagent on Unix-like system you may need to know


There are plenty of tutorials about how to setup a minimum Goagent server and client. I won’t reinvent the wheel here. Who may want to read this post.

  1. You have already setup the Goagent server and client, and it seems working ok.
  2. You still can’t visit Google+, Twitter, Facebook, or so on.
  3. You want to wipe out all the warning information, and make your Goagent work perfectly.

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My terminal theme

This theme is build on the top of zsh and the famous OH MY ZSHELL. Besides, it has been included in the official OH MY ZSH repo : D

To a compatible theme, I think it’s better not to use special characters like ╭  ➜  ✗ . If you want your theme works fine on both Unix and Windows, a clean format and a simple color scheme are necessary. Therefore, I use only ANSI Character Set and ANSI Colors. The main goal of this theme is to make the  *nix servers’ admins happy. This theme is even more robust than the default theme robbyrussell.

I separate each command group with an empty line in front of the “#” prompt. The indicator words are all in a dim color. The most eye-catching color yellow is assigned to the current directory. For other colors’ setting, the same color will be assigned to different location with a long distance. And the more important it is, the more warmer color it is assigned to.

For the purpose of making the beginner to learn the command line easier, I set the dollar symbol “$” as the main command prompt. The %” or “# indicates the current state of the terminal. The “L” indicates current shell level, it can be useful when you are in nested shells. The last “N” indicates the current command number, with the time stamp you it may help you calculate how long a command takes.

The basic theme format:

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