Some tips of Goagent on Unix-like system you may need to know


There are plenty of tutorials about how to setup a minimum Goagent server and client. I won’t reinvent the wheel here. Who may want to read this post.

  1. You have already setup the Goagent server and client, and it seems working ok.
  2. You still can’t visit Google+, Twitter, Facebook, or so on.
  3. You want to wipe out all the warning information, and make your Goagent work perfectly.

I used my virtual Ubuntu Server 12 to simulate the problem. By default I will talk about Ubuntu, then add necessary tips about Mac. Firstly make sure your Goagent version is newer than mine. Then check your user’s privilege.


If you get a warning above, try  sudo python , then the program will try to install the certificate for you automatically.


On Mac you may need to install the certificate by directly open it in the Finder.

crt file

Now it’s not the end of the story. You may have noticed that there’s still another warning.


You have installed Python but you may haven’t installed the pyopenssl or gevent library. (The pyopenssl is import if you want to visit sites now only support https protocol. The gevent makes your proxy run more efficiently, if you are concerned about your cpu’s temperature and global warming : D).

On my machine, the pyopenssl is already available. I recommend to install easy_install first, it’s similar to the famous gem in ruby world, please follow their official instructions to install them if you don’t have one. Then just run the command  sudo easy_install pyopenssl .

When installing the gevent library with  sudo easy_install gevent , you may meet the problem below.

python problem

You need to install some development tools to compile the gevent. Install it by  sudo apt-get install python-dev and sudo apt-get install libevent-dev , then run  sudo easy_install gevent again. Finally start your Goagent again, you will get a none warning environment.

On Mac things become much more complicated or more time consuming. I recommend to follow these steps.

  1. Install the latest Xcode (you need gcc compiler).
  2. Install macports (works similar to the ubuntu’s apt-get, better not to choose homebrew).
  3.   sudo port install libevent-dev .
  4. Install easy_install.
  5. sudo easy_install gevent.
  6. sudo easy_install pyopenssl.

Now you have built up the basic platform to run the Goagent. Then you should be careful of the setting of it, the proxy.ini file.


Your current proxy profile should better on https mode.

At the end you get somethings like this.


If you still have any problem on your Goagent, please let me know.