MSV Application Architecture

I think the general MVC architecture is not perfect enough for a complex dynamic application. The most confusing part of the MVC is it’s Controller. It receives the user sent data, sends commands to change the state of the Model, and also takes the responsibility to change the presentation of the view.

I think it could be simpler:

  • Model
  • Service
  • View

To separate each component’s responsibilities, and make the architecture more open. I replaced the Controller with the Service. The Service only handles the data that the View requests, such as REST, or sends commands to change the Model’s state. All UI logic is moved to the View, and all View requests are async based. So that we can take the full control of the representing flow the application. The front-end developers will only need the client knowledge and skills to construct the dynamic content of the application.

The disadvantages of this architecture are obvious. The client should at least supply a programmable interface. Such as the HTML based web application, the browser should support javascript and the javascript is enabled. And looser coupling means lower performance.