Welcome to his little place : D

He is Yad Smood, his friends call him “ys”. He is a huge fan of programming and painting. Besides, from hardware to software, from mathematics to physics, from music to literature, they all fascinate him.

He is extremely interested in ACGMN staffs. It has been 10 years since he should be defined as an otaku. He loves detective and science fiction. He read Otsuichi‘s. One of his favorite SF novel is Full Metal Panic. And Bakuman is one of his favorite mangas. Through years he has read hundreds of books, and watched nearly 300 animes. He plays Warcraft III since middle school. He loves instrumental and rock music.

He plays guitar, and likes Chinese chess, table tennis and football are his favorite sports.

He enjoys learning programming and graphic design, and deeply affected by the open source philosophy. Here is a overview of the key words that he is skilled with:

Programming languages C#, Objective-C, C, C++, Java, Ruby, Python, PHP, Lua, Javascript, CSS, HTML, SQL,  etc.
Framework .NET, WPF, Cocoa, Silverlight, jQuery, Codeigniter, Express, Rails, etc.
Database CouchDB, Mysql, MariaDB, Postgresql, SQLite, MongoDB, etc.
OS OSX, Linux, Windows, Android.
Tools Visual Studio, Xcode, Eclipse, Sublime Text, Expression Blend, Photoshop, Illustrator, Manga Studio, Painter, SAI, etc

He speaks 中文, English and 日本語, and enjoys making friends with people all over the world.

You can always find him at Google+.

  • http://acgtyrant.com 御宅暴君


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  • http://acgtyrant.com 御宅暴君


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  • acgotaku311


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  • http://ricter.info/ Ricter

    啊咧…竟然全英文= =..英语渣跪了…

  • http://blog.likelikeslike.com/ Jak Wings

    大神的 Canvas 动画好耗资源……另外,文章好少啊~求各种学习笔记分享 = =

    • http://ysmood.org/ ys

      右侧有个”BG Effect”选项,如果觉得卡,可以关掉背景动画~

  • http://acgtyrant.com/ 御宅暴君

    @acgotaku311:disqus 就是 ACG 同好。

  • Kevin

    I really like your background effect @@ It’s great, It make me love the Mathematic…

    • http://ysmood.org/ ys

      Yes, you won’t believe how simple math work it takes to result in this pure yet complex illusion.

  • Real

    Comisor Viewer的可玩性很高,用起来超赞!不过对于gif格式,除了键盘P播放和使用鼠标切换帧观看,请问还有什么方法?希望你可以继续更新

    • http://ysmood.org/ ys

      感觉这个是很多年前写的了呢。现在由于不再使用 windows 了,再开发的可能性很低。这是一个开源的项目:https://github.com/ysmood/Comisor 如果有人能接手他就好了,我会提供设计方案。之后倒是可能开发 mac版或者 linux版,windows 的话可能性不高。

  • http://paulorodrigues.info paulorodrigues

    :) I like your blog and all the stuff you put here.

  • Rodney

    “几年的经历证明,只要你肯努力,没有什么搞不砸的。” 真相了

  • http://laike9m.com/ laike9m